Friday, September 10, 2010

Cosmo Hot Bachelor, NAKED ( 7 inches)

COSMOPOLITAN magazine is back with their annual list of the hottest bachelors from each state. Among the sexy single guys who made the cut is Daniel Kirk, a 25 year old "UPS Staffer" from Charleston, West Virginia who looks mighty familiar to us. And well he should. It seems that Daniel appeared in another national magazine geared toward women (and gay men) earlier this year when he was the May 2008 PLAYGIRL Centerfold! Click here to see some of those NSFW pics, as well as a link to pics of this UPS guy's complete package.
According to COSMO, you can make Daniel "melt" by nibbling on his ears, and he thinks sex on the first date is "skanky". He also offers up this sage bit of advice: "Women often accuse good-looking guys of being players, but it's totally not true — we're not all out there trying to get as many women as we can." Hmm.

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